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From France to Spain

Back in 1985… “No La”, I’m kidding, I won’t go through all the details but basically I grew up in a city, Créteil, located 10 minutes away from Paris. I did all my study there till university where I graduated a E-commerce Master. At that time, I had to do an internship which literally changed my life.

An internship in Barcelona?

We are in 2008. While I was looking for that internship in Paris, a friend from university already found a position in Barcelona and challenged me to find one as well. Deal. Few weeks after I also found a 6 months internship. I packed my bag, arranged my car and we drove for 1000 km to live an amazing experience.

I worked for Organització Difasa, a family company which sells stickers. They needed a native French to build a site to get exposure on the French market. It was quite challenging and I had to do everything by myself: design the site, develop its exposure and look after the quotations and sales.

After two months, the site was online, but no visits. I was disappointed but that’s how I started digging into traffic acquisition. At that time, Adwords and media buying was not as developed as it is today, so I quickly switched to try to understand SEO. It was painful due to the lack of information available on the Web, however, after some optimizations, the rankings increased and we started having traffic and requests for quotation from France.

That was amazing! I was glad to help them and that’s how I discover SEO. Since then, I can say that I’m still addicted.


2009. A stopover in Bulgaria and then back to France

I got an amazing opportunity to go to Bulgaria, to work as a SEO & Project Manager for a year and a half and I came back to France when the contract was over.


After this experience in Spain, I wanted to have another experience abroad. The head of the Master I graduated was also COO of Societe Generale Expressbank and offered me a role a SEO & Project manager as part of a French program called ``Volunteering for International Experience`` which facilitates finding a term role abroad. I had to handle the revamp of the website and the implementation of the SEO strategy.


Then I came back to France and I work for a service provider for few months before finding a role in a digital agency, Keyrus. I stayed there 2.5 years and I was full-time in-house SEO for a client, Citroën. I was SEO Consultant in charge of the whole SEO strategy. I was working in an international environment, providing SEO guidance for new/existing sites and trainings for internal teams and worldwide subsidiaries. A challenging role!

2012. Freelancing. SEO Contest. Niche Sites.

The release of personal sites (SEO blog & niche sites) helped me digging into SEO, being more professional.
I also took part in a french SEO contest (sentimancho) held in France. My site, Wheresthegame, ended in the TOP10.

I got some exposure, some leads and my first clients!


2014. On my way to Hong Kong

In 2010, I was looking for a job in UK, but I did not succeed in getting it. I was in touch with Adam Kennedy, a headhunter that I recommend if you’re looking for a digital job. He was based in the UK so when I was looking for another opportunity abroad, back in 2013, I gave him a call…

I finally landed in Hong Kong

In between, he moved to Hong Kong. Deal. Let’s try to find a job there. That’s how he found a SEO manager role in iProspect Hong Kong for me and how I started working in Asia. I worked for iProspect during a year for great clients like Shangri-La, The Peninsula, New World Hotels or clients like FedEx APAC.

However, end of 2014, I wanted to specialise myself into e-commerce and discover the Chinese market, that’s why I moved to Lane Crawford which allowed me to work on those two key topics, for two years.

However, during the last 4 years I accumulated the freelancing, the permanent jobs and my personal projects, so I had to make a call.

That’s why I have decided to work full-time for my clients and
to offer professional SEO services in Hong Kong.

hong kong

2016. Get Clicks & Convert!

If you’re still reading me, that’s what you should have learned on me

My goal is helping you moving forward

I know different industries & markets

I like challenges & projects

I'm skilled in SEO & Content Marketing

I worked in-house, in agencies & as freelancer

I'm French but I don't eat frogs

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