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I heard from a lot of people, looking for SEO services, how much they struggled to understand how agencies and freelancers were pricing their quotations. They explained the same needs to different vendors, they got totally different prices. Of course, there are different ways to scope a project and to price it, however, I do believe that the key is the time a vendor spends on a project, based on the scope you both agreed. Here are some insights about the way I do. Hope it can bring some transparency.

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How to price SEO?

The scope is the key

As any projects, serious vendors should come up with a strategy based on your needs, and therefore, customize their offer according to your business goals.


To me, pre-audit is a mandatory step in case you have an existing site that you want to improve. This is the only way to have an overview of your current blocking points and the solutions that might be provided. Based on that, I can provide an accurate quotation.

Hourly Rate

According to the pre-audit and the highlighted strategy, it's much more easier to estimate the time that I will spend on a project. As any consultancy job, SEO freelancers and agencies have hourly or daily rates. Based on the pre-audit and the rates, the price can be defined.

Let's build trust & transparency

Your Need

We first discuss about your project, the blocking points you have, and what you've done so far to meet your objectives. Use the mail or my WhatsApp.


Pre-audit & Quotation

I run a pre-audit and I propose you a strategy. There will be several types of offers to better match your budget. You will know the time I plan to spend for each step.



I introduce the strategy and we discuss about the pre-audit and the quotation. If you want to move forward, I send you the contract and we start working.



We agree on a planning, based on the strategy. Each month, I provide you a follow-up document, with visibility on the time spent.


What if I have to spend more time?

For each project, I add a “SEO Consulting” pack which refers to a certain amount of time based on the strategy that we’ve agreed. It helps to handle the management of the project and the calls. Therefore, in case I have to spend more time than agreed, there are two possibilities.

Wrong Estimation

As said, I do a pre-audit before providing you a quotation. It's a way to estimate the time I will spend on each task. So, if I quote 5 days for an audit but I need to spend 6 days because I discover new issues that need to be tackled, then I won't charge you.

Additional Requests

Most of the time, during a project, there are additional requests. Here, we use the ``SEO Consulting`` package to handle them. However, in case there are extra requests that can not be managed with this reserve of time, then we should have another quotation.

HowDoes It Work

After having received your request, I will call you back to discuss with you about your needs. Then, I will run a free pre-audit to introduce a strategy to improve your performances.

You can also connect and contact me directly on LinkedIn.

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