Pricing & SEO Packages

To provide you the best offer, Get Clicks proposes SEO packages and customised services to match your business needs as much as possible. In order to give you visibility about the cost of SEO services, we have worked on different packages based on dedicated scopes. However, in case you have specific requirements, feel free to contact us to discuss about the possibilities.

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On-off SEO Packages

When to choose a one-off SEO package?

SEO packages are designed for brands that need a one-off service. That kind of package will help you to have a first feedback about you current SEO performances as well as to set-up optimisations that will help you to get your first rankings. That type of project generally last between 1 and 3 months.

Note that the costs below are for websites that have few dozens or hundreds of pages. If your website has thousand of pages, contact us to discuss about it.


16000 HKD/30 days

  • SEO Audit
  • Technical & Content Recommendations
  • Additional Files (Quick-Wins)
  • SEO meeting to introduce the audit (2 hours)
  • Keyword research
  • Meta tags
  • On-page SEO recommendations
  • SEO reports


39550 HKD/90 days

  • SEO Audit
  • Technical & Content Recommendations
  • Additional Files (Quick-Wins)
  • SEO meeting to introduce the audit (4 hours)
  • Keyword research (50 pages)
  • Meta tags optimisations (50 pages)
  • On-page SEO recommendations (50 pages)
  • SEO reports (3 times)

Yearly SEO Services

When to choose a customised SEO service?

Yearly SEO services are designed for brands that need a yearly support. The cost for that kind of project requires a pre-audit in order to identify the main blocking points. It will lead to a proposal that will include more deliverables compared to the SEO packages. For instance, yearly SEO services might include competitor analysis, link audits or content marketing. You will find below some information about the way Get Clicks quotes that specific type of project.


To me, pre-audit is a mandatory step in case you have an existing site that you want to improve. This is the only way to have an overview of your current blocking points and the solutions that might be provided. Based on that, I can provide an accurate quotation.

Hourly Rate

According to the pre-audit and the highlighted strategy, it's much more easier to estimate the time that I will spend on a project. As any consultancy job, SEO freelancers and agencies have hourly or daily rates. Based on the pre-audit and the rates, the price can be defined.

Let's build trust & transparency

Your Need

We discuss about your project, the blocking points that you have, and what you've done so far to meet your objectives.


Pre-audit & Quotation

We run a pre-audit and we propose a strategy. There will be several types of offers to better match your budget.



We introduce the strategy and we discuss about the pre-audit and the quotation. We send you a contract for your review.



We agree on a planning, based on the strategy. Each month, we provide you a follow-up document, with visibility on the time spent.


What if we spend more time?

For each yearly project, Get Clicks add “SEO Consulting” which refers to a certain amount of time that will help to handle the requests that were not identified at the beginning of the project. Website evolves overtime and it’s a way to make sure that we can tackle new topics during the contract. In case we have to spend more time that we’ve agreed, there are two solutions.

Wrong Estimation

Get Clicks run pre-audit before providing you a quotation. It's a way to estimate the time we will spend on each task. If we quote 5 days for a SEO audit but we actually spend 6 days because we discover new issues that need to be tackled, then you won't be charged.

Additional Requests

Most of the time, during a project, there are additional requests. Here, we use the ``SEO Consulting`` package to handle them. However, in case there are extra requests that can not be managed with this reserve of time, then we should have another quotation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will work on the SEO deliverables?

Killian KOSTIHA, founder of Get Clicks and SEO Consultant since 2008 will work on the SEO deliverables. Thanks to various experiences abroad, in France, Spain, Bulgaria and Hong Kong, Killian is able to help you to set-up a SEO strategy that will match your business requirements.

Are SEO audits automated?

No. the SEO audits provided by Get Clicks are customised and not generated by free  tools that you can find online. Some SEO agencies and consultants can provide that kind of report but this is not our vision of professional SEO services. Get Clicks uses tools to get data about your website but the reports are fully customised. For instance, Get Clicks uses crawlers to scan your website, such as a search engine does, but recommendations are based on manual analysis.

What's included in a SEO audit?

SEO audits include a feedback about the current performances, analysis about the technical and semantic sides to highlight the code-related issues and the solutions that should be implemented as well as a sum-up of the recommendations. Recommendations will be prioritized in order to implement the quick-wins and the most powerful optimisations first.

Do you propose link-building services?

No. Get Clicks proposes link audits in order to understand your current link profile. It will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses in terms of online communication but we do not create backlinks. For us, links are an outcome of your digital communication and that’s why we propose link audits that also analyse three of your competitors. That way, we can provide insights about the different types of communication and it will lead to a list of opportunities that your brand can use.

What skills do I need to understand the SEO audit?

The SEO audits and the other deliverables include explanations about the way SEO works. Technical words are explained in a simple way and we are here to answer all the questions that you may have.

Besides the SEO packages, are there other types of services that you propose?

Yes. The SEO packages take into consideration the main deliverables and optimisations that a website need to start performing well in search results. However, there are various analysis that Get Clicks provide if you want to go deeper in your SEO strategy. Content marketing, copywriting, link audit, landing page analysis, log analysis, penalty removals and SEO trainings are part of the other deliverables that Get Clicks provides.

HowDoes It Work

After having received your request, we will call you back to discuss with you about your project. Then, we will run a free SEO pre-audit to introduce you a strategy that will aim at improving your performances in search results.

You can also connect and contact me directly on LinkedIn.

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