Technical SEO

What is technical SEO? It is a key step to make sure that your pages are accessible for your visitors and for search engines. If your pages can not be scanned by search engines, they can’t be found on search results which will prevent users finding your website. In the other hand, if your pages are not accessible for users, they can’t see your content which will prevent them to contact you or to buy.


Have a SEO-friendly site

Goals of technical SEO

The way your site is developed will influence the way it will perform in search results. Some technologies like JavaScript or Flash can prevent search engines to access and scan your content which will prevent your pages receiving visits from search. In the other hand, other technologies like facets might create unlimited possibilities to reach a single page using various types of URLs which can also impact performances. The goal of the technical audit is to make sure that your site respect technical criteria, and that the content is accessible both for users and search engines.


To ensure that search engines and users can access your content and to make sure that both reach the same information


To ensure that there is no duplicate content (Duplicated URLs, Same Text) so search engine will allocate more time on your fresh pages


To ensure that important pages are accessible early in the site's structure, they will tend to convert & perform better than deep pages


To ensure that the site is properly tagged with the most important tags for SEO (title, headings, hreflangs, canonical, pagination...)

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Any technical checklist?

While the semantic SEO audit aims at making sure that your content is optimized for SEO, a technical one highlights ways to make your site accessible and easier to navigate. Here are some examples of technical checkpoints::

  • Site speed to improve UX is great and search engine crawl rate
  • HTTP status to fix errors so that users and bots will browse properly
  • Crawled, indexed, visited pages to highlight key pages to improve
  • International SEO to check you applied multilingual sites best-practices
  • Mobile tests to make sure that you implemented the best-practices
  • Rich-snippets to increase click throught rate from search results
  • Other SEO files like XML Sitemaps and robots.txt file

Why Technical SEO matters?

Mandatory for indexing

If your site is not SEO-friendly, it can prevent Google to index it and visitors to find it.

Improve UX

Technical SEO also benefit to users, for instance, with the improvement of the site's speed.

IT will thank you

It aims at setting-up best-practices, for instance, regarding URL or redirects which makes things clearer for IT.

HowDoes It Works

After having received your request, I will call you back to discuss with you about your needs. Then, I will run a free pre-audit to introduce a strategy to improve your performances. In the meantime, please visit my pricing page to know more about the way I price SEO projects.

You can also connect and contact me directly on LinkedIn.

Technical SEO
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