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Mainland China is the largest e-market in the world with more than 700 millions Internet users. While social media are widely spread in China, searching on Baidu, the main local search engine, is also a common practice. As such, if you want to develop your audience from China and reach new users, there is a need to understand how does Baidu work and to start setting-up a Chinese SEO strategy, in Mandarin.

Increase your visibility in Baidu and sell more in China

Baidu has 69.5% market shares

According to, Baidu has 69.5% market shares in Mainland China, followed by Shenma (16.1%) and Sogou (6.5%).  Despite the fact that Google has some shares due to the use of VPN, the four main search engines used in China, if Haosou is included (4.7%), represent 96.5% of the searches. Improving your rankings in China imply that your website comply with the algorithms used by the Chinese search engines, which can vary from the ones Google uses.

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A SEO agency from Hong Kong with experience on Baidu SEO

Get Clicks has an extensive experience working for Hong Kong and Mainland China companies and provides tailored Chinese SEO strategies driven by local SEO strategists who are fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. If your company wants to get organic traffic from Google Hong Kong in Chinese, Baidu or other search engines in Mainland China, here are few things that you need to know about about these markets.

Chinese Language

Baidu and other search engines in China will give a boost to websites translated in Mandarin, since it's the main language spoken in the country. Taking into consideration that having a translated platform is the best way to engage your future customers, Get Clicks can be an asset to develop your visibility in China, thanks to local SEO specialists.

Differences with Google

While improving the coding, the content and the number of quality links will help your web-pages to rank better, such as in Google Search, Baidu has some specificities. For instance, having a hosting in China or Hong Kong, using an ICP License, implementing specific tags and having richer content will be the keys to improve your SEO in Mainland China.

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Our SEO Services in Chinese

Our agency provides comprehensive plans and most of the projects we work on, include the following services:

On top of that, Get Clicks can offer SEO services for eCommerce, for new websites, Chinese copywriting or advanced log analysis for SEO.


Get Clicks is a Hong Kong based SEO agency and is used to work on Chinese projects, whether we are talking about Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese. Our agency works for different brands located in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Europe that need more visibility in Baidu.

While the main criteria that Baidu takes into consideration for rankings can be compared to Google (content, keyword targeting, backlinks, accessibility of the pages), there are various opportunities for brands to increase their visibility by using the tools from the Baidu ecosystem. Geo-localising your website and content is an asset and it is advised to make sure that your website is translated and that it matches Chinese users expectations. Working on the loading times, the hosting, the ICP license (Internet Content Provider) and using Baidu Webmaster Tools can help to get better rankings.

Yes, our agency has partners located in Shenzhen and Guangzhou and we are able to provide solutions for SEO, Content Marketing and for Copywriting.


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