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Content Marketing or Inbound Marketing refer to a strategy which aims at reaching new visitors using content. Users are looking for information while search engines need it to rank your pages on search results. By defining a content marketing plan, Get Clicks will help you to fill these two requirements. Content can be promoted in your newsletters and shared on social media, which will drive more traffic to your website. Get Clicks offers content marketing services in English, French, Traditional and Simplified Chinese. We highlight relevant topics your future clients search for, to leverage your SEO performances and to drive more leads.

Content Marketing Strategy Hong Kong

More pages, more traffic, more leads

Content is the most valuable asset of the web

Our copywriting solutions are designed to develop your inbound marketing strategy. Writing about your brand is a great way to build trust with your visitors, however, what if we set up a strategy that naturally attract clients who don’t know your brand yet?

By analysing how users are searching information about your products and services, Get Clicks can help you to define an efficient content strategy.

Unlike other agencies, Get Clicks focus on creating engaging and meaningful texts for two crucial types of visitors : humans and search engines. By doing so, we write content that will rank in Google, and convert your readers, to clients.

Get Clicks provides the following content writing services.

Website Content

Your website will, most likely, be the first thing that your prospects will see. Get Clicks digs into your history to write the right words that will emotionally connect your audience. Communication starts here.

Blogposts Writing

In case you're looking for writers to help you creating new blogposts that will provide useful tips to your readers, Get Clicks can help you proving to your audience that you're skilled in your industry.

SEO Guides

New pages will lead to a higher visibility from a SEO standpoint. Get Clicks and its network of freelancers can help you to write guides that will create new bridges between your brand and your targets.

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Our Content Writing Services

Get Clicks helps you define a content plan and proposes tailored copywriting solutions to ensure that content will match your editorial policy and SEO requirements. By highlighting key topics and by delivering ready-to-use content, we will ensure your success, through words:

  • Understand your history and your positioning.
  • Identification of key topics searched by potential clients.
  • Writing briefs for copywriters.
  • Sign-off of the topics and specifications
  • Make the content SEO compliant.
  • Recommendations on how to link the content in your site’s structure.
  • Proofreading service for spelling mistake-free texts.
  • Performance report to understand how new pages rank.

Why content writing is beneficial to your business?

Answer Needs

Users are looking for information. They ask questions to search engines but do you currently provide answers to these needs that can be easily identified? Satisfy them so that they will engage with your brand.

Prove your expertise

Users and search engines need to trust your brand to engage with you. A great inbound marketing plan will help you to develop that confidence and it will help you to improve your rankings and to increase your sales.

Get Exposure

Adding new content will help you to rank more pages on search results which will result in getting more organic traffic. This content will also be useful for your social media and e-mail marketing strategy.

How to manage a content strategy?

Topic Research

Similar to what we do for SEO, the starting point is a research about the topics users are searching regarding your industry. We highlight and categorise them.



We sign-off the topics and the brief issued by Get Clicks that will be shared with copywriters to make sure that pages will match your internal policy.


Content Delivery

After having optimised the content, Get Clicks will deliver the pages and will provide recommendations about the way you should linked them in your website.



The content is uploaded on the site, Get Clicks will follow the performances and provide recommendations to improve them, if necessary.



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Other services

Technical SEO

We scan your website and we run analysis to highlight the code-related issues. We provide recommendations, set priorities and draw a roadmap.

Semantic SEO

We identify the relevant terms that your brand should target and we propose content optimisations that will help to improve your keyword targeting strategy.

Linking Strategy

Our link audit and competitor analysis will help you to better communicate online. We identify ways for you to get more links from relevant websites.

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