Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a key step to make sure that your pages are accessible for your visitors and for search engines. If your pages can not be scanned by search engines, they can’t be found on search results which will prevent users to find your website. Get Clicks will help you to improve the bot experience so that the right pages will be indexed in search results.

Google needs to scan and index your pages

Technical SEO Services

The way your website is developed will influence the way it will perform in search results. Some technologies like JavaScript or Flash can prevent search engines to access and scan your content which will prevent your pages to get organic visits. In the other hand, other technologies like facets might create unlimited possibilities to reach a single page using various types of URLs which can also impact performances. The goal of the technical SEO is to make sure that your site respect technical criteria, and that the content is accessible both for users and search engines.

To help you achieving great SEO performances, Get Clicks provides three main services that will help you to fix code-related issues.

SEO Audit

A Technical SEO Audit helps to identify code-related issues and to provide solutions. Get Clicks will crawl your website and analyse the data to draw a roadmap. Each recommendation will have a priority.

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A log analysis helps to understand how search engines crawl your website. We get the logs from the server and compare them to the data extracted from the crawl and we provide advanced SEO recommendations.

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SEO Specifications

If you launch a new website, you might want to make sure that the developments are SEO-friendly. Get Clicks works with your developers or your vendor and provide technical recommendations prior to the launch.

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What are the outcomes?

While semantic SEO aims to make sure that your content is optimised for SEO, a technical SEO highlights ways to make your site accessible and easier to browse. Here are some examples of technical checkpoints:

  • We scan your website such as search engines do
  • We highlight code-related issues and we provide solutions
  • We give priorities to help you to draw a roadmap
  • We analyse search engines logs to provide advanced recommendations
  • We make sure that search engines can crawl important landing pages


Yes, technical SEO is important to make sure that your key pages, the ones that will drive revenues, can be easily accessed, crawled and indexed by Googlebot. If your pages are not in search results, you will not generate organic visits.

The crawling process refers to the scan of your webpages by search engines like Googlebot, Bingbot or Baiduspider. These are web-crawling robots that search engines use to scan the Internet by following the links between the pages and the websites. The crawling process is the first step that a search engine perform.

The indexing is the second step that search engines perform when they crawl your pages. After having crawled them, they will save your pages in database. That way, they can serve them to the users who search keywords in Google, Bing or Baidu. If  your pages are in search engines, they are indexed. If your pages are not indexed, you will not be able to generate organic revenues. That’s why technical SEO matters.


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Other services

Semantic SEO

We identify the relevant terms that your brand should target and we propose content optimisations that will help to improve your keyword targeting strategy.

Linking Strategy

Our link audit and competitor analysis will help you to better communicate online. We identify ways for you to get more links from relevant websites.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way to engage better with your visitors and to enhance the SEO strategy by creating landing pages to match user's intent.

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