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Increase your organic traffic by making sure that your pages surface in Google for keywords typed by Internet users.

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Highlight trending topics, create content to prove that you are expert in your industry and enhance your SEO strategy.

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Generate new visits and start selling more in a fast way thanks to paid advertising in search engines.

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Our SEO Services

Get Clicks provides a full range of SEO services for companies that need to increase their rankings on Google, Baidu or any other search engine. We propose specific packages, mostly for small websites, and customised services for bigger ones. For sure we have a solution that will match your needs!

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Why Get Clicks

Your future clients are online and they type keywords in search engines to find relevant information but are you visible for these terms? Get Clicks helps companies in Hong Kong, China and France to reach the top results to get more visits from organic searches. By improving your website, we make sure that your pages match search engines criteria so that they will surface for relevant terms that users are typing to find information about your products.

Digital Marketing Experts

+10 years confirmed experience in SEO and online marketing. International experiences in Spain, France, Bulgaria and Hong Kong, for various type of companies.

Customised Services

Our SEO services are designed to match your budget and your business goals. Project-based and customised yearly services are available. We always have a solution.

Full SEO Services

Get Clicks provides a range of SEO services that will help you to improve the technical, the semantic and the popularity parts. A 360° offer to boost your website.

Some of the great companies we work with

What They Say About Our SEO Services

Juliette Eav - Marketing & Brand Manager

I have worked closely with Get Clicks for Plantin Kaviari Hong Kong and it was a real pleasure. I strongly recommend Get Clicks for its efficiency, availability, relevant recommendations and very professional work.

Candice Lahouter - Project Manager

Killian is a pedagogue, easy to reach and very effective. His valuable advices and expertise allowed us to improve the SEO performances of our platforms. It’s a real pleasure to collaborate with him.

Sarah Cook - Senior Research Analyst

Killian was a pleasure to work with on the SEO project he did for our organization. He was very patient and generous with his time answering questions both before and after he completed the work. He met deadlines as planned and was very responsive to queries.

Lee Farrer - Marketing Consultant

Incredibly quick, thorough and great value work. Thank you so much for being so helpful and efficient.

Alain Barbotte - CEO (Digital Agency)

Killian has a real expertise in search engine optimisations. He's able to explain technical issues to different kind of audience and so are his deliveries. Do not hesitate to hire him for a mission, he's a real SEO guru.

Charlotte Rivière - Head of Marketing

I had the opportunity to work with Get Clicks for 2 years during my previous work experience. Killian is a professional who, by its expertise and rigour, helped us to achieve ambitious SEO targets.

France Renard - Head of Digital

I've been working with Get Clicks for 2 years. Passionate, very professional and always available, Get Clicks is a strong partner for our digital development. Thanks to a personalised SEO strategy, our online visibility quickly improved and continue to progress.

Manuella Lebresne - Marketing Manager

We have worked closely with Killian for our Hong Kong website. He is helpful, efficient and professional.

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Yes SEO is important for any type of business. Based on our experience, SEO represents between 20% and 70% of the monthly traffic for our clients, depends on the other channels that they are using. Since companies do not have to pay search engines for each click, SEO is also an interesting source of traffic in terms of ROI.

Investing on that kind of service will help your brand to get more visits, leads and sales by targeting relevant keywords.

SEO is a long term strategy, unlike PPC. A search engine needs to trust your website to display it higher in search results. According to the targeted keywords and the optimisations that need to be done to make sure that the website is SEO-friendly, the time to get interesting rankings can be longer.

Generally speaking, you can start to have good rankings after a month for long-tail and middle-tail keywords but if your company targets more competitive keywords, it can takes months, once optimisations are passed.

SEO is not an exact science and we can’t guarantee rankings in a given period of time because it depends of the keywords that you target, the current state of your strategy, and the budget that you can invest to reach your business goals, however, we can guarantee that we will provide high-quality deliverables and that we will do our best to make sure that the recommendations that we will provide will be implemented.

As Google states in its guidelines, “No agency can guarantee a #1 ranking”.

Google Partner program is dedicated to agencies and vendors who are specialised in Google Adwords (PPC) and there is no such a certificate for SEO companies like Get Clicks. Since we do not provide PPC services, we are not certified. Officially, there is no SEO certifications for agencies and search engines do not have private chat with us except through public channels such as the forums for webmasters.

Get Clicks provides follow-up documents several times a month to make sure that we are both making progress. To follow the performances, monthly reports are issued based on the keywords that we will track. Note that these reports can also be delivered on weekly basis if you need.

As a professional vendor, one of our main goal is to build long-term partnership and as such, we do our best to provide feedback on daily basis.

Yes we do. Search engines use algorithms and filters to detect websites that do not respect the guidelines and it can leads to penalties. Get Clicks do not cross the line and provides sustainable solutions.

Building trust with search engines and users is the only way to have great online results.

We do but we outsource that part with skilled Chinese SEO specialists. For that kind of project, Get Clicks is responsible and ensures that the project meets the deadlines and the requirements.

Note that we also provide SEO consultancy in French.

Yes, especially regarding copywriting and languages that we do not master internally. When we do so, the client is always aware and we all work as a team to make sure that the project is on track. The web is quite complex and it is hard to gather all the expertise in a single company.

Outsourcing is a way for us to make sure that our clients benefit from the knowledge of real experts.

If you are currently developing a website, your SEO strategy should start now because it will be way much easier to pass optimisations before the launch. Get Clicks can help your company by providing documents that will help your developers or your agency to release a SEO-friendly site. SEO specifications, UAT (User Acceptance tests), monitoring of the performances after the go-live, keyword research and site’s structure are part of the documents that we can deliver.

Yes. Get Clicks is a Hong Kong based company but works with brands located in France and China. Working remotely is not an issue as long as we follow the progress.

We are flexible and we will be glad to visit you in your offices as well, even if you are located in the other part of the world! 

Yes, it can be a great strategy but it all depends of your budget. Interesting strategies can be set-up between SEO and PPC. For instance, it could be good to use PPC to test how users are engaging with your content for a given keyword and to target it in the SEO strategy if results are successful. Using these two search marketing channels will also give you more exposure.

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