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We help Hong Kong companies to improve their SEO

SEO Audit

We analyse your website, identify the issues, and define an SEO strategy so you can gain more leads from Google

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Content Writing

We identify the keywords and questions you should target and assist you in creating new content to strengthen your SEO strategy

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Link Building

We help you get more backlinks to your pages to improve your website's authority and achieve better rankings in Google.

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Get Clicks is an SEO agency located in Hong Kong that offers services to companies seeking to improve their rankings on search engines such as Google or Baidu. We are passionate about search marketing, having managed hundreds of SEO projects over the years, and we provide SEO in English, Chinese, and French.

Your future clients click the first links in search results when they search for keywords related to your products or services, but do you rank at the top for those keywords? If your pages are not visible in the TOP 10, you will hardly generate sales.

Our SEO services are tailored to your marketing objectives and will help your brand to be more visible for keywords that will generate quality traffic and leads.

Located in Hong Kong, Get Clicks helps companies operating in various countries and industries to reach the top results in Google. Our local presence and international background are an asset. You can rely on a partner who will understand your challenges, your industry, and who will set up the best plan to help your brand succeed in Google.



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Chloe CHEN

Chloe CHEN

SEO Specialist



SEO Specialist


Content Writer
Renee HO

Renee HO

Content Writer

Our SEO services help you generate leads

Let’s Rank Higher

Search engines use algorithms to rank pages, and they use various signals from three main areas (Technical, Content, and Popularity) to determine if one page is better than another. The goal of our SEO agency is to understand how Google works and to improve your pages accordingly. If your website achieves better rankings, you will receive more visits and be able to sell more.

Most users click on the first results. Your website can probably target hundreds of keywords, but are you visible for your keywords?

CTR study on SEO results (May 2016)

The 3 areas of SEO

As an experienced SEO company, Get Clicks can help you get more organic traffic.

To make this happen, we will work on three main areas to ensure that search engines can properly scan your pages (technical SEO) and that they can understand the content of your pages (semantic SEO) so that they can display them for relevant keywords. Our agency will also help you create an online communication plan that will improve your brand’s exposure and enhance the SEO strategy (link-building).

Technical SEO

To help Google crawl and index your pages by ensuring that your website is error-free (sitemap XML, robots.txt, HTTP codes, canonical tags, loading times, structured data etc).

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Semantic SEO

To ensure that search engines understand your content by adding relevant keywords to the main SEO tags (title tags, headings, text, images, internal links, etc).

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Link Building

To promote your business and get links to your pages that will increase your website's authority, resulting in higher chances of ranking in search results.

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Our SEO Services

We offer various types of services for companies who are looking to get more visibility in search engine, including:


Every SEO project is unique, but there are standard steps and deliverables that should be provided to establish an effective strategy. Get Clicks’ approach involves analysing the challenges to provide solutions for each, ensuring that we make your website SEO-friendly.


Analysing your website is crucial to understand what's blocking your pages to rank higher, and to provide solutions


Then we identify the keywords your website is relevant for, based on the products and services you need to sell


Improving your pages, based on keywords searched by your clients, and writing new pages, are two key steps in SEO


We help you to get more backlinks from relevant websites to your pages to improve their popularity and authority


Monthly reports will be provided to monitor the SEO KPIs (rankings, traffic, conversion rate and turnover)


How important is SEO in 2024?

SEO is crucial for any business and based on our experience, SEO represents between 20% and 50% of the monthly organic traffic and sales for our clients. Of course, it depends on the other channels that they are investing in.

Improving your SEO requires a strategy, and efforts to improve your webpages, based on the criteria that search engines are using to rank them in search results. Some companies manage SEO internally, others do not have the resources or the knowledge, and prefer to rely on an SEO provider to benefit from its expertise.

Can your company guarantee better SEO rankings?

We guarantee that if you follow our recommendations and that the scope of work match the necessary efforts to get better rankings, then yes, Get Clicks will improve your rankings in Google. Our clients are 100% satisfied.

However, note that, Google states in its guidelines, that “No agency can guarantee a #1 ranking”. We can’t guarantee that you will be #1 after a month without a proper strategy. SEO is not magic and no SEO agency work for or with Google.

Does your SEO agency provide services in Chinese?

Yes, we offer SEO solutions in Traditional and Simplified Chinese. We are located in Hong Kong and our team has an international background, which allows us to cover different languages, including English and French.

Get Clicks works with brands located in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, America, Canada and France. Working remotely is not an issue as long as we follow the progress. We are flexible, and we will be glad to visit you in your offices as well, even if you are located in the other part of the world!

How long does it take to rank?

SEO is a long term strategy. A search engine needs to trust your website to rank it higher in search results. Count between 3 and 6 months to improve your rankings, but note that several factors can influence the results:

➤ The time from your SEO agency to deliver its recommendations.
➤ The scope of work your SEO provider will work on.
➤ The keywords you target (ie. Competitive terms take longer time).
➤ The maturity of your SEO strategy (ie. A new website will need more time to rank).

How much do you charge for SEO services?

Get Clicks values transparency and works on an affordable hourly fee. Each service is quoted based on the efforts needed to produce the deliverables. We do not have standard packages because each website is different, and we adapt our offers to meet your budget and marketing objectives.

The total cost depends on the length of the contract, the size of your website and the additional services we might work on, such as content writing and link building.

Are you a Google partner?

Google Partner program is dedicated to agencies and vendors who are specialised in Google Adwords (PPC) and there is no such a certificate for SEO companies like Get Clicks. Officially, there is no SEO certifications for agencies and search engines do not have private chat with us except through public channels.


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