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The French market and the French language are quite specific. If you want to improve the rankings of your company in, Get Clicks can help you.

Ou founder, Killian Kostiha, is a native French SEO expert with more than 10 years confirmed experience working on complex projects for different brands in France, including Citroën, Toyota, Stade de France, Euro CRM or Le Conservateur.

As a consequence, our agency provides SEO solutions in French, for companies that need to develop their visibility and increase their organic turnover in

Rank in and sell more in France

Google has 90% market shares

According to, Google has 90% market shares in France, followed by Bing (5%) and Yahoo (2%).

While some country like Russia and China will mainly use Yandex and Baidu, other countries like Hong Kong and the US might have a different distribution in terms of search engines market shares, which imply that SEO agencies should work on different platforms. Get Clicks will exclusively focus on improving the rankings of your company in

Search Engines in France

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A native french SEO consultant

If you need to increase your visibility in, Killian is your best asset. He is a senior SEO consultant and has worked for various french brands.

  • Between 2010 and 2014, he was located in France, and worked in-house and in SEO agencies, for different renown brands, such as, Citroën, Stade De France, Ford, Juvanté, Sodexo or Pernod.
  • Since 2014, he is based in Hong Kong and after three years working in iProspect and Lane Crawford, he created Get Clicks, an SEO company. Get Clicks works for various french SMB and large groups such as Toyota, Le Conservateur, Euro CRM, Absolument Design or Handirect.

The complex french SEO market

Get Clicks has an extensive experience working for french companies and the market is quite competitive.

Having a french native speaker is mandatory to make sure that the content is optimised for SEO as well as to take into consideration the specificities of the french language and competition.

Oui, french is a beautiful language, and mastering it will be the key to rank higher.

French Language

French has accents and a lot of synonyms that people use when they search online. Mastering the french language and its specificities will be a key success factor for your SEO campaign on

High Competition

France is a mature SEO market. Lots of companies use their own SEO agencies, many have in-house SEO consultants and the community is very active with dozen of events every years.

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Our SEO Services in French

Our agency provides comprehensive plans and most of the projects we work on, include the following services:

On top of that, Get Clicks can offer SEO services for eCommerce, for new websites, french copywriting or advanced log analysis for SEO.


Our founder, Killian Kostiha, is a french SEO consultant and he started his career in 2008. He has worked for french brands since then and our SEO company now manages projects for brands located in different zone, including France.

Besides the fact that you need to have a translated website to rank in, bear in mind that the french language is rich in terms of synonyms and expressions, which strongly influences the semantic SEO strategy. Also, french SEO consultants love links. However, there are too many “article directories” that might not be the best option to develop a brand in the long run. Get Clicks can help you finding relevant french websites to build your brand awareness and get powerful links.

Get Clicks is located in Hong Kong but has various clients in Europe or North America. Working remotely never been an issue and we have clear processes to be able to provide a high level of services. We work mainly with Basecamp, Asana and Zoom and of course, we are always available on Whats App or over the phone. You can send us an email and we will be happy to get in touch to discuss your project.


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