French SEO Services

The French market and the French language are quite specific. If you want to improve your rankings on, Get Clicks can help you since we have native french speakers. Get Clicks already works with French companies or international brands willing to develop their online turnover in France. We provide full SEO services in French.

The French SEO Landscape

Google has 90% market shares

According to, Google has 90% market shares in France, followed by Bing (5%) and Yahoo (2%), in July 2017. While some country like Russia and China will mainly use Yandex and Baidu, other countries like Hong Kong and the US might have a different distribution in terms of search engines market shares which imply that SEO agencies should work on different platforms. Get Clicks will exclusively focus on improving the rankings of your company on

Search Engines in France

10 years confirmed experiences on french SEO projects

Get Clicks has an extensive experience working for French companies. From SME to International Brands, Get Clicks helped various companies as a vendor or directly in-house to get better rankings on Citroën, Absolument Design, Euro CRM, Stade de France, Le Conservateur, just to name a few.

If your company wants to get organic traffic from, here are few things that you need to know about about this market.

French Language

French has accents and a lot of synonyms that people use when they search online. Mastering the french languages and its specificities will be a key success factor for your SEO campaign on Guess what? We have native french speakers.

High Competition

France is a mature market in terms of online marketing. Most of the companies have a website and they are using various channels to generate leads. As a consequence, the SEO competition is high but we will find rooms to improve your rankings.

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Our SEO Services in French

Our services in French are similar to the English ones. The deliverables are similar but note that we can help your company to improve its current website or work before the launch to release a website that will match Google criteria as well as the particularities of the French language:

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