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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a strategy thats aims at making your pages more visible in search engines for keywords that are searched by users. SEO is the traffic source that will provide you the most interesting ROI since you will not have to pay for each click that you receive from Google, unlike for PPC campaigns.

Our SEO company offers customised solutions that will help your pages to rank higher in search results and to develop your organic conversions and sales.

The best channel to generate leads

Get more visits thanks to SEO

Search engines use algorithms to rank pages and they use various signals from three main areas (Technical, Content and Popularity), to understand if a page is better than another. The goal of our SEO company is to understand how search engines work and to improve your pages accordingly. If your website gets better rankings, you will have more visits and you will be able to sell more. Most of the users click the first results in Google. Surveys show that the first result gets twice the traffic compared to the second link.

Your website can probably targets hundreds of keywords but are you visible for these terms?

CTR study on SEO results (May 2016)

The 3 areas of SEO

As an experienced SEO company, Get Clicks can help you to get more organic traffic.

To make this happen, we will work on three main areas to ensure that search engines can properly scan your pages (technical SEO) and that they can understand the content of your pages (semantic SEO) so that they can display them for relevant keywords. Our agency will also help you to draw an online communication plan that will improve your brand’s exposure and the SEO strategy (link-building).

Technical SEO

To ensure that search engines can properly visit your pages so they can save them and display them in search results when Internet users are searching online.

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Semantic SEO

To make sure that search engines and users will understand the content of your pages so that search engine can surface them when users search for a specific keyword.

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Link Building

To communicate about your business, understand how external sites link your pages and get insights about the strategies you could use to get a better exposure.

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Services offered by our SEO company

Here are some examples of the services that Get Clicks can provide:


Each SEO project is different but there are some regular steps and deliverables that should be provided to set-up an efficient strategy. Get Clicks approach consists in analysing the blocking points in order to provide a solution for each so that we are sure that we will make your website SEO-friendly.


The first step is analysing your website to understand the blocking points and provide solutions to make it SEO-friendly


Then we highlight the keywords your website is relevant for so that we can improve the content part and the tagging


Based on those documents, we will highlight solutions and provide recommendations to improve the site


Monthly reports will be provided to follow the SEO KPIs (rankings, traffic, conversion rate and turnover)

Why SEO is beneficial to your business?

Keyword Matters

Keyword is the best way to understand intents. SEO helps you to match those searches.

Bring Visitors

Everyone is using search engines to look for information related to your services. Be there.

SEO Is Free

You don't need to pay Google to rank in search result pages. SEO is the best ROI source.


FAQ About our SEO Services

To be more visible in search engine result pages (SERP), the goal is to improve your website and your pages to match the criteria Google uses to determine if a page is better than another. Google uses more than 200 criteria that we can classify between, “Technical” (Coding), “Semantic” (Content) and “Popularity” (Link Building) criteria.

It depends about the history of the website, the number of issues that should be fixed, and the strategy that can be set-up. For instance, if the platform is new, with a low number of pages and links, you can count around 3 to 6 months. However, if the website already has potential and that you go for a full scope with Content Marketing and Link Building, we can have faster results since we will have more opportunities to send the right signals to Google.

Get Clicks values transparency and works on an affordable hourly fee. Each service is quoted based on the efforts needed to produce the deliverables. We do not have standard packages because each website is different and we adapt our offers to meet your budget and marketing objectives. Feel free to contact us to have a free consulting session and to discuss about your project.

No. SEO follow a very logical strategy : Make sure that your website is easy to browse, that your pages answer the intent of your visitors, create pages to engage them and build your brand online. However, SEO is a detail-oriented digital marketing channel. Auditing a website can lead to dozens of recommendations but we are at your service to help you implementing them.

Nobody can and Google clearly states it in its guidelines. No SEO vendors work for or with Google and none have been certified by Google to claim that they know the whole receipt. However, if you follow the advices of your SEO consultant, you will improve your rankings. With our services, most of our clients double their organic traffic after few months.

Get Clicks use different SEO tools to complete its services, especially, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Screaming Frog Log Analyser, Botify, Ahrefs, Majestic, SEMrush, Advanced Web Rankings, Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

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