SEO Trainings

SEO (Search Engine Optimisations) aims at increasing the rankings of webpages in search results, based on the keywords people use to find a product, a service or an information. Having higher rankings means increasing your sales and leads.

With more than 15 years confirmed experience in SEO and various trainings held for different companies in Hong Kong and in Europe, Get Clicks can help you to better understand how does SEO work and how to improve your performances with tailored SEO classes and courses.

Learn SEO the right way

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Why learning SEO?

Learning SEO is key if you are working in the digital marketing industry, since it is most likely the main source of traffic and turnover for any type of website. It is also the most interesting channels in terms of ROI since you don’t have to pay Google for each visit you receive. However, since SEO involves four main areas (technical, semantic, communication, local), different teams have a key roles in ranking pages to increase the organic performances. Get Clicks has created different SEO training courses to help your teams to better run SEO campaigns. They are suitable for CEOs, digital marketing managers and executives, copywriters, product managers as well as for web-developers. Whether you’re a beginner or if already have some knowledge, you will learn something useful, for sure.

Your SEO Trainer

Killian Kostiha, is a senior consultant with +10 years confirmed experience in SEO. He worked in-house, in SEO agencies and trained teams in Hong Kong and Europe, from various industries:

  • Automotive : Citroën, Toyota.
  • Entertainment : Stade de France.
  • Finance : Société Générale, Le Conservateur.
  • Health : Laboratories Juva Santé.
  • Hospitality : New World Hotels, Peninsula, Shangri-La.
  • NGO : Freedom House.
  • Retail : Herman Miller, Lane Crawford, Whiskers N Paws.
  • Sciences : Nature Group.
  • Services : Alarice, FedEx, iProspect, Recruit, Shopify.

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SEO Training Modules

You will discover here the training packages and the outcomes you can expect.

SEO Basics

To start learning SEO, the “SEO Basics” module is the best way. It will give you all the keys to understand how does SEO work.

You will know more about:

  • The search engines landscape in the world and in Hong Kong, as well as how Google became the most u