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SEO (Search Engine Optimisations) aims at increasing the rankings of the web-pages according to the keywords each one of them target, in order to increase the number of visitors and sales, from search engines like Google. With more than 10 years confirmed experience in SEO and various trainings held for different companies in Hong Kong and in Europe, Get Clicks can help you to better understand how does SEO work and how to improve your performances with tailored SEO classes and courses.

Learn SEO the Right Way

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Why learning SEO?

Learning SEO is key if you are working in the digital marketing industry since it is most likely the main source of traffic and turnover for any type of website. It is also the most interesting channels in terms of ROI since you don’t have to pay any third-party platform for each click you receive.

However, since SEO involves three main areas (technical, semantic and communication), different teams have a key role in ranking web-pages to increase the organic performances.

As a consequence, Get Clicks has created different SEO Training Packages to help your teams to better run SEO campaigns. Our trainings are suitable for CEOs and top managements, digital marketing managers and executives, copywriters and product managers as well as for web-developers and admin systems.

SEO Training Modules

Your trainer, Killian Kostiha, is SEO Consultant since more than 10 years and has worked and trained different teams in companies based in Europe and in Hong Kong.

You will discover here the training packages and the outcomes you can expect.

SEO Basics

To start learning SEO, the “SEO Basics” module is the best way and it will give you all the keys to understand how does SEO work.

You will know more about:

  • The search engines landscape in the world and in Hong Kong as well as how Google became the most used search engine.
  • The different steps a search engine like Google needs to perform to make your pages visible in search results (crawling, indexing and ranking).
  • The philosophy of Google about SEO and what are the rules you need to follow in order to increase your rankings.
  • The evolution of Google Ranking Algorithms as well as how it impacts the different departments of your company.
  • The different types of results you can find in a SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) and how to leverage them.

Technical SEO

The “Technical SEO” module is designed for web-developers and IT managers and the goal is to give you the keys to improve the coding of your platform.

You will know more about:

  • How to run SEO audits, identify issues and what solutions you have to implement in order to improve the crawling and the indexing of your website.
  • What are the best-practices for each technical signal that can impact your organic performances (tagging, canonical tags, robots.txt, XML sitemap, pagination, filters, server logs, multilingual SEO, response times, blocking technologies…).
  • What tools can be used to monitor the technical side of your platforms and how to use them.
  • How to improve your e-commerce platform as well as your CMS (tailored solutions, WordPress, Shopify, Magento…).

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Semantic SEO

The “Semantic SEO” module is designed for copywriters and content managers and the goal is to give you the keys to improve your content.

You will know more about:

  • How to run a keyword research in order to understand how potential clients are looking for information about your products and services.
  • How to optimise your pages and write powerful texts, based on the terms you target in order to improve your keyword targeting strategy.
  • What are the best-practices for each semantic signal that can impact your organic performances (Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, headings, internal links, texts, images and videos).
  • How to set-up a content marketing strategies that will help you gaining trust from your audience as well as to improve your organic performances.

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Popularity SEO

The “Popularity SEO” module is designed for marketing, PR and management teams the goal is to give you the keys to improve your digital communication.

You will know more about:

  • How to run a link audit in order to know the websites that are currently referring to your platform and how to improve the situation.
  • How to improve your online communication in order to get new links from high-quality platforms that will help your pages to rank higher.
  • What are the best-practices for each link building and how it can impact your organic performances (number of links and referring domains, types of links, anchor texts and linked pages).

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We Are Flexible

Our SEO Trainings are fully tailored to your needs and while they generally last for a day or two, according to the modules you want to follow, we can discuss about doing it over several weeks, if necessary. Note that your teams will also learn more about SEO project management and regarding the monitoring of the rankings. Various useful tools will be introduced and customised files will be delivered.

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