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Link building, backlinks, popularity, external links are words that refers to one of the core SEO signal : the links between websites. Getting links to your pages will increase your visibility in search results, for competitive keywords.

However, search engines penalise websites that are using unnatural techniques and that’s why link building is a touchy, yet powerful. Brands that focus on their awareness are the ones winning in search results.

Get Clicks is committed to delivering comprehensive plans that will respect your marketing guidelines, with NO dodgy techniques.

Let’s define the best way to get powerful links

Goals of our link building strategies

Search engines see links from other websites to your pages as votes, like a reference, which influences your rankings in search results.

If you sell “shoes” online and you receive a link from Sassy Mama with a clickable text (anchor text) that contain the keywords you target, search engines will understand that your page is related to the word “shoes”.

It will improve your rankings for such terms but unlike technical SEO or semantic SEO, working on link building techniques is touchy because search engine can take actions to penalise sites that are not respecting their guidelines. Therefore, how to get links that will help your SEO strategy in the long-run?


Analysing the way you and your competitors are communicating online will help us to identify key techniques that can be replicated and used as part of your link building strategy, to get better performances in search results.


Thanks to local and international partnerships with powerful websites, smart strategies like content marketing, link-baiting and mentions, Get Clicks is able to build realistic communication plan that will be powerful to increase your rankings.

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What are the outcomes?

Get Clicks helps you to understand how websites link your pages and your competitors and will make sure to acquire more quality links that will skyrocket your pages in Google.

  • We analyse the anchor text distribution to check if your profile is natural.
  • We highlight the most linked pages to check if they get backlinks.
  • We give you feedbacks about your linking evolution.
  • We make sure that the websites that link you are relevant.
  • We provide recommendations about the issues that should be fixed.
  • We define new strategies to get links from quality websites.
  • We check your competitors to identify the pros and cons of each profile.


The website below target highly competitive keywords related to the tech industry. After having improved the key pages thanks to our on-page SEO services, we started to work on their link building strategy around August, September 2019.

During a year, we have helped this brand improving its link profile and results are spectacular : +600% keywords ranked in page 1 of Google, according to Ahrefs, the leading SEO tool for backlink analysis.

link building strategy and impacts on rankings


This is the name of an algorithm that Google uses to estimate how strong a webpage is, based on the links (internal and external) that it receives. It calculates the probability a human can visit a webpage, if he was randomly browsing the web. That’s an old algorithm that Google still uses, along with various other ones, that were added along the way, to calculate the relevancy of a page. That’s one of the reason that having quality links improve the rankings.


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Other services

Technical SEO

We scan your website and we run analysis to highlight the code-related issues. We provide recommendations, set priorities and draw a roadmap.

Semantic SEO

We identify the relevant terms that your brand should target and we propose content optimisations that will help to improve your keyword targeting strategy.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way to engage better with your visitors and to enhance the SEO strategy by creating landing pages to match user's intent.

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