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Link building, backlinks, netlinking… all those words refers to one of the core SEO signal : the links between websites. Link building aims at improving the popularity of your site in regards to search engines criteria. However, search engines like Google penalise websites which are using aggressive and non-natural techniques, that’s why link building is a touchy strategy. Bad quality link can harm your site, quality ones will skyrocket your pages. So, how to know if a link is a quality one and how to run a link audit?

Get Quality Links

Goals of a backlink audit

Search engines see links from external sites to your pages as votes, like a reference, which impacts your rankings on search results.  If site A links your site using “chocolate site” as the clickable text (anchor text), then search engines will understand that your site is related to the word “chocolate” and it will tend to surface your page when users are looking for the keyword “chocolate”.

However, unlike technical SEO or semantic SEO, working on link building techniques is more touchy because search engine take actions to penalise sites that are not respecting their guidelines. Therefore, what are the goals of a linking audit?


To understand the way external sites are linking your pages and to remove bad quality links to clean your link profile


We compare your link profile to your competitors and highlight best-practices that can be added to your communication plan

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What are the outcomes?

Get Clicks helps you to understand how sites link your pages and what are the techniques used by your competitors. The link audit leads to recommendations that will help you to improve your link profile.

  • We analyse the anchor text distribution to check if your profil is natural
  • We highlight the most linked pages to check if they get backlinks
  • We give you feedbacks about your linking evolution
  • We make sure that the sites that link you are topic-related
  • We provide recommendations about the issues that should be fixed
  • We define new strategies to get links from quality websites
  • We check your competitors to identify the pros and cons of each profile

Other services

Technical SEO

We scan your website and we run analysis to highlight the code-related issues. We provide recommendations, set priorities and draw a roadmap.

Semantic SEO

We identify the relevant terms that your brand should target and we propose content optimisations that will help to improve your keyword targeting strategy.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way to engage better with your visitors and to enhance the SEO strategy by creating landing pages to match user's intent.

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