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SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and refers to PPC (Pay Per Clicks) campaigns that brands can run on different platforms such as Google with Google Adwords, Yahoo with Yahoo Ads and Baidu with Baidu Ads. These digital advertising solutions offer a quick way for businesses to reach new audiences in just a few clicks by allowing them to display their pages at the top of the search results pages, based on a bidding system. Get Clicks proposes customised PPC services to help local brands to enhance their traffic and sales.

PPC & SEM Services Hong Kong

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PPC Campaigns

Pay Per Click marketing allows brands to rank at the top of search results, in a fast way, compared to SEO (Search Engine Optimisations) campaigns. While both solutions are interesting in order to develop your audience and sales from search engines like Google or Baidu, they work in different ways.

PPC is useful for advertisers who wish to generate new sales on short-term basis since it works on a bidding system. Platforms like Google Adwords offer the possibility to “buy” keywords so that you can display your pages at the top of search results, by leapfrogging the organic results. Your ads will be displayed in the yellow positions, and therefore, they will be more visible. However, since these platforms are based on a bidding system, each keyword has a cost and when you run out of budget, the ads will not show-up anymore.

Investing on SEM campaigns will allow you to quickly develop your audience and sales and you will be able to customise your ads but note that Get Clicks also proposes SEO services to help brands getting more organic traffic on long-term basis.

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Searches vs Bids

Users are typing different keywords in search engines and each one has a different search volume and a different cost, based on different criteria:

  • If you target a highly competitive keywords that are frequently searched and bought by your competitors, then the cost will be higher.
  • The cost also depends about the “intent” since “transactional keywords” tend to be more costly than generic terms.
  • The “Quality Score” also influences the cost since it calculates the score of an ad based on the CTR, the relevancy of the copy, the quality and the loading time of the landing page.

For instance, if you are a florist based in Hong Kong and that you target “flower delivery” (320 monthly searches), the average cost for each click will be between $HKD 8 and $HKD 29 while “flower arrangements” (480 monthly searches) can cost between $HKD 3 and $HKD 10.

Get Clicks can help you identifying the right keywords, thanks to a keyword research, and create performing ads.


Get Clicks offers comprehensive and powerful PPC services thanks to a simple process that will help your to generate more visits and to easily track the performances.


We help you to set-up your account, to define your goals, your budget and the advertising platforms your target


We highlight the keywords your pages are relevant for so that we know the terms that will help you to increase your sales


We help you writing the conversion-oriented ad copies based on your objectives and the keywords you target


We provide comprehensive reports to help you measure your ROI and we continuously improve the copies

Why SEM is beneficial to your business?

Keyword's Intent

PPC helps you to understand the keywords that will perform and you can easily track performances.

High Flexibility

PPC offers a high flexibility since you can edit ad copies and target new keywords in a fast way.

Fast Sales

Develop your audience from search engines in a fast way by buying keywords that will drive sales.

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