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On-page optimisations are improvements regarding the content part, especially regarding the title tags, the meta descriptions, the headings, the images and videos, the internal links and the content itself, to improve the keyword targeting strategy. After having identified the relevant terms that should be targeted, Get Clicks will issue documents that will help your team to know where to implement the terms to increase the rankings.

Improve your keyword targeting strategy

Search engines must understand the topic of your pages

In order to make sure that your pages perform well in search results, there is a need to improve them so that search engines can understand the topics and display them when users are searching about your products. On-page optimisations refer to various tags that are part of a single page and the goal is to make sure that they are targeting the different terms that are part of a single semantic field.

The goal is not repeating the same keyword in each tag since it would be considered as keyword stuffing and could harm your SEO strategy. We are talking here about developing a semantic field in your pages so that they will have a rich content that will match search engine criteria.


Since Internet users are typing keywords in search engines to find information, it is a key step to understand how do they search. Get Clicks will help you to highlight the terms so we can improve your pages and follow the performances.


In order to make sure that your pages will pop-up when users will use keywords related to your activity, we will tell you where to add the keywords in your pages. This survey is based on the keyword research and the current content available in your site.


By improving your images (ALT tags, captions and filenames), you can work on the keyword targeting strategy to enhance the relevancy of your pages so that they can rank higher in search results, but you can also have a better visibility in Google Images.


While the content should include the terms from the semantic field that you are targeting, the internal links are also important to improve the way search engines scan the pages as well as to help them understand the topics and the site's structure.

On Page SEO Optimisations

What are the outcomes?

Our main goal is to provide you a easy-to-use document that will help you to improve the content of your pages. Based on the keyword research, we know which term to target per page on this on-page optimisations survey will show you what to change with a before and after comparison.

  • Search engines will be able to better understand your pages and they will rank them higher for the targeted keywords and close terms.
  • Your internal link strategy will be more powerful and will boost your top pages in search results.
  • Users will click more frequently on your links that are displayed in search results, thanks to the improvement of the title tags and the meta descriptions.


A page that do not contain the keywords that people will use in Google, will not be visible. On-page SEO aims at making sure that the right terms and phrases are included in the key elements that Google takes into consideration to rank webpages. Google values websites with rich content and that’s the main objective of on-page SEO.

The most important for Google is to rank pages that provide the best answer to a keyword or a question typed by a user. It means that the most important on-page SEO criteria is the relevancy of your page compared to the keyword you target and the competitors that ranks that rank in page 1. Yes, having a SEO-friendly Title Tag helps, but if the rest of the page is not relevant, the page will not be visible.

On-page SEO refers to the optimisations that you can do at the page level, like improving your content and the tags that Google uses to score pages. Off-page SEO refers to the actions you can do outside of your website, that will have an impact on your visibility, like improving your link building and communication.


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