SEO For E-commerce

SEO is the main source of traffic for e-commerce websites and the most interesting in terms of ROI. However, few online stores are optimised for search engines due to their specificities. Get Clicks offers tailored SEO solutions for e-commerce that will aim at creating quality organic visits that will increase your online sales.

Make Sure Users Visit Your Online Store

How to do SEO for E-commerce Websites?

If the basics of SEO like writing unique title tags, having structured headings, providing a website that does not return errors, apply when you are trying to reach the top of search results for your keywords, your web-store can have various issues that might prevent it to perform well in Google. Besides improving the coding and the content, there are some differences between a showcase and a e-commerce that Get Clicks focus on. Get Clicks worked on various online shops both in Hong Kong and in France including Lane Crawford, Plantin Kaviari, Citroën or Absolument Design.


Categorising products and, in a more general way, designing the right site's structure can lead to some errors that may impact your rankings in search results. For instance, if you have close categories that will compete between each other or if you don't use the right terms that users type in search engines, your e-commerce platform might have issues to perform.

Product Descriptions

Many e-commerce websites will directly use the product description provided by the manufacturers. In that case, it will necessarily create duplicate content since the resellers will have similar pages. Besides creating issues for SEO, it can also be a blocking point to sell online since the product descriptions will not be attractive enough to engage your audience.


E-commerce websites use filters and sorting features to improve the user experience by giving the option to better find products. However, these features can lead to various issues like duplicate content or impact the technical side and the crawling by creating spider traps. There are various ways to have SEO-friendly filtering options and Get Clics can help you to do so.

Internal Links

If your online store proposes a wide range of products and categories, it can quickly be a nightmare from a search engine standpoint. For instance, if you have a mega menu that lists all your categories, ``sneakers`` can be linked to ``skincare`` which is un-related from a semantic standpoint. How to make sure that Google will crawl related links? We can help you.

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How To Improve Your Online Shop?

When we work on SEO for online shops, we provide regular services like SEO audits, Keyword Researches, On-Page Optimisations but we also make sure that we will tackle the specificities of e-commerce platforms:

  • Define the site’s structure.
  • Improve the crawling process.
  • Enhance the management of the filters.
  • Understand the user’s intent.
  • Develop quality SEO traffic to improve conversions.
  • Get rid about duplications and thin content.

Other SEO services

Technical SEO

We scan your website and we run analysis to highlight the code-related issues. We provide recommendations, set priorities and draw a roadmap.

Semantic SEO

We identify the relevant terms that your brand should target and we propose content optimisations that will help to improve your keyword targeting strategy.

Linking Strategy

Our link audit and competitor analysis will help you to better communicate online. We identify ways for you to get more links from relevant websites.


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🤔 What is SEO for eCommerce?
eCommerce websites are different from corporate platforms. Our SEO services focus on improving the rankings for the categories and products you sell the most, to drive more organic sales.

🥇 What’s your eCommerce SEO strategy?
Get Clicks provides tailored solutions for eCommerce platforms and include the following services : Audit, Keyword Research, Content Optimisations and Link Building.

💰 How much does eCommerce SEO cost?
Get Clicks offers solutions to improve eCommerce platforms for each budget. Our services are tailored to your marketing goals and feel free to contact us to discuss your project. The cost depends of the necessary scope of work to reach your objectives.