Local SEO Services

Local SEO is extremely important for any business. The goal is to be listed at the top of the search results, in the local pack or directly in Google Maps, when users are searching for keywords that could be location related.

Get Clicks provides local SEO solutions that will help your brand to surface for that particular type of search query in order to drive organic traffic to your website, based on the user’s intent.

Be Found For Local Queries

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO aims at being visible for queries that might be related to a location, in Google Maps or in the “Local Pack”, a box that Google displays in search results. People are searching for keywords that include a place, like “restaurant in Hong Kong” of “restaurant in TST”, and terms that don’t, but where the intent can be interpreted as a local search. If a someone types “French restaurant” from its mobile device while he is located in Causeway Bay, then local listings will be returned.

Local listing outcomes

  • Reach a highly targeted audience.
  • Be visible faster than the organic results.
  • Give confidence by getting reviews.
  • Be ranked in the local pack and in the organic results.

Monthly searches for restaurant in Hong Kong

Google Maps SEO Services Hong Kong

Get Rankings In Google Maps

By improving your local SEO strategy, your website will be able to rank in Google Maps. Since thousands of people in Hong Kong are using Google Maps on daily basis, this is a great way to get exposure in order to drive them to your local store. 

They will also be able to reach you over the phone, to visit your website as well as to read the reviews that your existing or previous customers might have left.

Get Rankings In The Local Pack

Besides the rankings in Google Maps, working on an efficient local SEO strategy will lead to more exposure for your brand directly in search results. For queries that are interpreted as local like “SEO Agency Hong Kong” or simply “SEO Agency” while your location is recognised as Hong Kong, a box can be returned by Google which will list three results.

If your Google My Business account is well set-up, it could be a way to have an organic result (your SEO landing page) and a local pack ranking.

Such as the rankings in Google Maps, the Local Pack gives the users the possibility to give you a call, to visit your corporate website and to read the reviews, which is a great way to build trust with your audience.

Local Pack SEO Strategy Hong Kong

The Key? Google My Business

While there are dozen of criteria that Google uses to display your activity in Google Maps and in the Local Pack, achieving great rankings for local searches is not magic. The key is to set-up Google My Business properly as well as to look after some on-page and off-page factors to make sure that Google will recognised your activity as legit to be featured there. Here are the checks to we will run to enhance your rankings for local searches.


Get Clicks will help you to set-up your Google My Business account. Various factors can influence your rankings like the confirmation of your business location, the contact information, the keywords you will use, the category you will choose and so on.


In order to get great performances for local searches, it is important to make sure that your landing page targets the right semantic field as well as to get citations and mentions from local websites. Get Clicks will help you to improve these factors.


Google tends to display businesses with great reviews at the top of the results, both for the Local Pack and in Google Maps. This is a key success factor. Get Clicks can help you to set-up a strategy that will help you to get reviews that will enhance your rankings.

Other SEO services

Technical SEO

We scan your website and we run analysis to highlight the code-related issues. We provide recommendations, set priorities and draw a roadmap.

Semantic SEO

We identify the relevant terms that your brand should target and we propose content optimisations that will help to improve your keyword targeting strategy.

Linking Strategy

Our link audit and competitor analysis will help you to better communicate online. We identify ways for you to get more links from relevant websites.

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