SEO Specifications

SEO specifications are recommendations that are issued for new websites.

During the development stage, Get Clicks can help your team to build a SEO-friendly platform so that it will perform in search results right after the launch. We issue requirements and we run several sets of tests.

SEO requirements for new websites

Let's Release A SEO-Friendly Website

In order to perform well in search results, it is important to launch a SEO-friendly website, both from a front and a back-end standpoint. That way, we can ensure that the code, the content match search engines criteria and that we have the necessary features in the back-end to modify the right tags. Most of the time, it will be more profitable for a brand to develop a SEO-friendly website during the initial stages of the project rather than when the website will be online. To do so, we proceed in two steps.

Requirements Delivery

We first write SEO specifications based on the wireframes and the content available in the testing environments. These requirements will deal with the technical developments (architecture, loading times, URLS, content that can be crawled...), the semantic ones (headings, title tags structure, internal links...) and the back-end to ensure that it has the necessary features to handle the basic SEO tags.

User Acceptance Tests

Once the requirements are implemented, we will run tests to ensure that the developments were successful. Tests can be run on wireframes and directly in the testing environments according to the requirements and the stage of the project. Various documents can be delivered based on the findings and they will provide details about the tests that were successful and that failed so that developers will know what to fix.

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What are the outcomes?

Requirements will be helpful to launch a new SEO-friendly website but not only. There are several advantages working on specifications before the launch or when your team revamp your existing website.

  • To make sure that the content can be scanned by search engines.
  • To ensure that the site’s structure is efficient for bots and users.
  • To certify that the necessary features are available in the back-end.
  • To work on the relevant terms and to add them in the right tags.
  • To smoothly manage migrations in case you change the URLS.
  • To properly launch the site and the indexing process.


We provide analysis and on-site SEO recommendations to make sure that your website will be compliant with the criteria that search engines use to rank webpages :

  1. Technical SEO to ensure that Googlebot will scan and index your pages.
  2. Semantic SEO to ensure that pages will rank for your targeted keywords.

That type of analysis shall be done based on your wireframes, your site’s structure and will include +30 recommendations, including a feedback about the strategy that your competitors use.

After having issued the SEO specifications, Get Clicks offers two rounds of UAT (User-Acceptance Tests), to make sure that the requirements are successfully implemented. These tests will be run in your staging environment and in production, once your new website will be available to the public.

SEO should be included at the very beginning of your internal discussions. Since it can influence the coding, the CMS (Content Management System), the site’s structure, the pages that you will create and/or the tagging of the pages, it is recommended to loop your SEO agency as soon as possible. We can discuss about your project and advise about the best way to manage your SEO strategy.


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Other Technical SEO services

SEO Audit

We scan your website to highlight the issues that prevent your pages to rank and we provide solution for each blocking point.

Log Analysis

We compare the logs and the crawl data to compare what you have in the site and what search engines can access.

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