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Internet users are looking for information while search engines need it to rank your pages on search results. Awesome content can be used for your e-mail marketing strategy and will also be shared on social media which will drive more traffic to your site. The goal of Get Clicks here is helping you highlighting the relevant content you can talk about to leverage SEO performances as well as other sources of traffic.

Content Marketing Strategy Hong Kong

Why investing on content?

Content is the most valuable asset of the web

Content Marketing has multiple benefits. Of course, you can talk about the history of your brand, which is a great way to build trust with your visitors, however, what if we try to set up a strategy that would improve SEO, develop traffic and your exposure on topics that you haven’t thought about yet?

Answer Needs

Users are looking for information that you will provide as part as your content marketing strategy. Satisfy them so that they will engage with your pages.

Prove your expertise

Users and search engines need to trust you to engage with your pages. A great content marketing strategy will prove that you know what you're talking about.

Get Exposure

Adding content will help you surfacing more pages on search results to enhance the SEO strategy. This awesome content can also be used for Social Media and E-mail Marketing strategies.

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Content Services

Get Clicks helps you setting your content marketing strategy by highlighting key topics and by delivered ready-to-use content that you have to upload on your site. Here is a sum-up of what we do for such services:

  • Identification of the key topics and sub-topics
  • Writing the specifications for the copywriters
  • Sign-off of the topics and specifications
  • Make the content SEO compliant
  • Providing recommendations on how to link the content in your site’s structure
  • Checking the content and the internal links once online
  • Performance report for the newly created pages

How to manage a content strategy?

Topic Research

Similar to what we do for SEO, the starting point is a research about the topics users are searching regarding your industry. We highlight and categorise them.



We sign-off the topics and the brief issued by Get Clicks that will be shared with copywriters to make sure that pages will match your internal policy.


Content Delivery

After having check and optimizing the content, Get Clicks will deliver and will provide you recommendations about the way it should be linked from your site.



The content is uploaded on the site, Get Clicks will follow the performances and provide recommendations for improvement, if necessary.


HowDoes It Work

After having received your request, I will call you back to discuss with you about your needs. Then, I will run a free pre-audit to introduce a strategy to improve your performances. In the meantime, please visit my pricing page to know more about the way I price SEO projects.

You can also connect and contact me directly on LinkedIn.

Content Marketing
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