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Data is everything. On your website, there are dozens of metrics you could use to improve your online performances and to better track what happens on your pages. As part of the SEO and Content Marketing services that Get Clicks offers, Web Analytics is also a key point to follow the performances and improve them. Web Analytics will help you understanding how users engage with your content.

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Use Data To Improve Your Site

Analytics helps you tracking what happens on your site

Using analytics you will discover what happen on your sites, what are the most trendy pages and how users engage with your content. Omitting looking after data will prevent your digital strategy to reach the next level, especially for e-commerce websites. Tracking users has many advantages and will allow you to leverage your strategy to get higher performances.

User Engagement

You will be able to know how visitors engage with your site. Are they returning visitors? Which device do they use? What are the most visited page?

Digital Performances

Get insights about the way users land on your page. Is the SEO strategy efficient? Which source of traffic is the most engaging?

Events & Conversions

Understand your conversion funnel and track any desired actions (download a brochure, contact the brand...) that you've set as a KPI.

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What We Offer

Analytic services are generally part of the SEO packages that Get Clicks provide however, it is possible to do the set-up. For the reporting part, here are the main data taken into consideration :

  • Traffic evolution (YOY & MOM)
  • Conversions and turnover evolution (YOY & MOM)
  • User behaviours
  • Top Landing Pages
  • Conversion Funnel
  • Focus on the SEO performances
  • Focus on the content marketing strategy

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