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Link building, backlinks, netlinking… all those words refers to one of the core SEO signal : the links between websites. Link building aims at improving the popularity of your site in regards to search engines criteria. However, search engines like Google penalise websites which are using aggressive and non-natural techniques, that’s why link building is a touchy strategy. Bad quality link can harm your site, quality ones will skyrocket your pages. So, how to know if a link is a quality one and how to run a link audit? Get Clicks will help you analyzing your link profile and highlight best-practices.


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Goals of a backlink audit

Search engines see links from external sites to your pages as votes, like a reference, which impacts your rankings on search results.  If site A links your site using “chocolate site” as the clickable text (anchor text), then search engines will understand that your site is related to the word “chocolate” and it will tend to surface your page when users are looking for the keyword “chocolate”.

However, unlike technical SEO or semantic SEO, working on link building techniques is more touchy because search engine take actions to penalise sites that are not respecting their guidelines. Therefore, what are the goals of a linking audit?


To understand the way external sites are linking your pages and to remove bad quality links to clean your link profile


We compare your link profile to your competitors and highlight best-practices that can be added to your communication plan

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Any link audit checklist?

Understanding how sites are linking your pages and what are the techniques used by your competitors will help at improving your link profile. Here are some examples link related checkpoints:

  • Anchor text distribution to check if your profil is natural
  • Top linked pages to check if your most valuable seo landing pages are linked
  • Top referring domains to understand which site links you the most
  • Link evolution to ensure there is no big lost and that evolution is relevant
  • Topic of the site which link your pages to make sure it’s relevant
  • Type of links to know if you have more links from text, images, from redirects…
  • Other KPIs like Page & Domain Authorithy or Citation & Trust flows

Why link building matters?

Main SEO Signal

Backlinks are extremely important for SEO, they highly impact rankings and are one of the main SEO signal

Improve Exposure

If you get external links from quality sites with interesting audience, you will develop your own traffic

Help Marketing Team

It aims at setting-up best-practices regarding the words to use to link your pages or the site to communicate with

HowDoes It Work

After having received your request, I will call you back to discuss with you about your needs. Then, I will run a free pre-audit to introduce a strategy. Please visit my pricing page to know more about the way I price SEO projects.

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Link Building
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