Improve your WordPress SEO strategy (Wordcamp)

Improve your Wordpress SEO strategy (Wordcamp)

Wordcamp Hong Kong had been held on October 12th, 2019, and that was the opportunity for me to do my first talk in public about digital marketing and what a great experience. The topic was “How to improve your WordPress SEO strategy?” and the goal was to give some hints about the way brands could enhance their visibility in search results, once the website is online.

You will find below some feedback about the event and the whole presentation.

What are Wordcamps?

Wordcamps are events organised by WordPress lovers, the world leading CMS, to discuss about the tool itself as well as to provide tips regarding different topics such as e-commerce and digital marketing. There are events worldwide on regular basis and Wordcamp Hong Kong was held in the city for the second time.

Wordcamp Hong Kong, organised by Ivan So from HD Course and a great team of volunteers was a success and again, thanks for the hard work!

Conferences were in Cantonese and in English and the event covered various topics from affiliate marketing, SEO, e-commerce, social media, hacking, mobile apps, and of course, WordPress… and in case you missed it slides from the different conferences are available on the official site.

On my side, that was my first presentation and I guess that I wanted to explain too many things and since I’m talkative when it comes to SEO, I had to speed up a bit as I ran out of time!

Time Up

Anyway, it’s not such a big deal, the most important was to come on stage with something interesting and I hope that attendees had a good feeling about this presentation.

Presentation and slides

My main goal was to give attendees the keys to improve their SEO on Google and Baidu as well as to explain the basics of SEO. The good thing is that WordPress SEO is a bit easier than for the other platforms since this CMS is more flexible and that there is a large community that release new plugins, themes and updates on regular basis. So, what prevents you to get your website SEO-friendly and start getting leads from Google?

Slides can be downloaded in high quality directly from Get Clicks or you can get a lighter version from Slideshare and I hope that you will find many interesting information in the presentation, including:

There are many topics covered in this presentation from a technical, content and popularity standpoint and if something is not clear or if you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email and I will be more than happy to help. Thanks again to the Wordcamp Hong Kong team!


SEO Consultant since 2008, I started working in the industry in France, Spain and Bulgaria. I arrived in Hong Kong in 2014 and I launched Get Clicks end of 2016. I'm specialised in SEO, Link Building and Content Marketing. Any questions? Contact us.

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